7 Attractive Ideas To Get Started With Instagram Ecommerce

7 Attractive Ideas To Get Started With Instagram Ecommerce

In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram for 1 billion dollars. After that, Instagram has become a successful social media marketing and advertising platform. There are more than 25 million business profiles on Instagram, and 90% of users follow at least one business account. In 2020, Instagram introduced a wide range of features specifically designed for eCommerce. These amazing features is collectively referred to as “Instagram Shopping,” which allow brands to do the following:

  • Create a custom business page with online store functionality. 
  • Add a product name, price, and tag that will make your IG content shoppable
  • Complete the order process without making the audience leave the app
  • Promote and sell your products directly from influencers’ posts
  • Post live presentations of your product or service and convert customers in real-time. 

In this article, you’ll learn in detail about how to attract more customers with Instagram eCommerce and increase sales substantially 

Instagram Shopping For Ecommerce

Nowadays, people show more interest in eCommerce than a virtual store. So, Instagram captures the opportunity and introduces the shopping feature that helps brands to boost sales. Since people show greater interest to view Instagram content, using the shoppable feature to showcase your product gains more target audiences. Here are the perfect steps to boost your sales with Instagram shopping.

#1: Open Your Instagram Shop

The shop feature on Instagram allows brands to turn their business page into a customised online shop. By using this feature, you let customers shop products directly from your Instagram business page. Create compelling content with a strong CTA to grab your user’s attention and boost them to visit your shopping page. 

#2: Get Discovered On The Instagram Shop

Instagram contains an in-app shopping destination where users can find products or services from all the businesses and brands on the platform. The Instagram shop feature is a list of “collections,” showing products or brands based on the user’s interest. Many people click on the “Shop” option in the “Explore” section to navigate to the required page. 

#3: Design Product Detail Pages

The product details page on Instagram must include a product description, pricing, available sizes, shipping, return details, and other related products. Proving this information on a product page enables users to get entire information about a product or service. In addition, when a user tags your product in their Instagram posts, the above details will display on a product detail page. It will provide your Instagram shoppers with additional visual information and social proof. 

#4: Merge Product Pages Into Collections

Combining multiple products into a collection will make it easier for your customers to filter and sort items in your collections based on their interests. Every collection you post must have a product image, title, description, and a gallery of similar products for customers. Each product in a gallery has a product image, title, and price. 

#5: Make Your Reels Shoppable

Instagram shopping tags enable you to connect products from your product catalogue with your IG reels content and advertisements, making them shoppable. 

The new Instagram Reels Shopping update allows viewers to shop on reels without leaving the Instagram app. They just need to click the “View Products”  button to buy, save or know more information about the product. Before working on Instagram reels shopping, marketers should pay close heed to create extraordinary reels videos to get more likes and engagement. Create attractive and innovative IG reels to increase likes for videos on Instagram along with the shopping tag for improving your sales conversion. However, Though the shopping tags appear at the bottom of your reels post, letting users identify it would eventually lead them to purchase your product.

#6: Leverage Instagram Ads

As an eCommerce business, you can promote your shoppable post with Instagram ads. Instagram ads  lets customers check out your website to buy products or on Instagram shops. In addition, advertising on Instagram will improve your business reach among a massive audience and bring potential leads to your profile. Also, Instagram ads will get your content in front of your target audience to strengthen your business exposure. 

#7: Promote Your Products With Live Shopping

Presenting your products in live streaming is a great way to inspire and engage your potential audience. Plus, Instagram live videos have the power to turn your product viewers into customers in real-time. The Instagram live shopping is an upgraded live stream with a tappable product section and a key to checkout. 

Final Thoughts

Once you start using Instagram for eCommerce, it is essential to check Instagram analytics to take your business to the next level. Instagram insights enable businesses to analyse the data about their audience, post-performance, and engagement rate. These insights let you understand how your content and advertising are performing on Instagram. Hopefully, this post will help you to start your eCommerce business on Instagram and get a higher engagement rate and sales conversions. 

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