Top 5 Instagram Growth Strategies In 2023

Top 5 Instagram Growth Strategies In 2023

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, with 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. Many businesses, brands and celebrities create post high quality content to attract new audiences to their profile. If your small business is on Instagram,  you should start building a huge following  to ensure consistent engagement which is a strong foundation to grow your business.

Instagram offers a wide range of possibilities for brands to gain exposure. Whether you are a content creator or business owner, you should implement the best strategies to build a strong reputation for your profile. In this article, I’ll share the top Instagram growth strategies you can implement today to boost followers and engagement. 

#1: Use The Right Hashtags

Adding relevant hashtags can help your target audience to find your brand quickly on Instagram. Using hashtags increases your video engagement and reach. Instagram allows users to add up to 30 hashtags in each post, but adding too many hashtags might cause your engagement to decline.

Also, you should use highly relevant hashtags that your target audience will likely see.  Take a look at your competitors account or just by searching the explore page to see what hashtags they have used while posting content on Instagram. Using three to seven potential hashtags will help you to attract genuine followers and increase your video reach. 

#2: Post Consistently At Optimal Times

Posting content regularly at peak times will increase video engagement and attract a new audience to your profile. Check your target audience demographics using Instagram analytics and discover your audience’s active time on Instagram. 

Share content when your target audience is most active on Instagram to get your posts noticed instantly.  By glancing at the initial engagement rate, you could predict how well your post could perform. If you feel that your post is less likely to gain the engagement you expected,  just set off automatic likes on Instagram posts to drive more profile visits and reach potential customers who could certainly buy your products and services.  Once you know when and what content your audience will likely engage in, you can easily create an Instagram posting schedule to take your content to the next level.  

#3: Interact With Your Audience 

On Instagram, 64% of customers want businesses to connect with them, and 76% of the audience say they buy products from the brands they feel connected to. This sends a clear signal that interacting with your target audience increases followers’ growth and drives traffic to your website. Besides posting quality content, you need to interact with your audience regularly to increase and maintain your followers count.

Staying in touch with your audience builds a strong connection to your business and encourages them to come back to your Instagram profile to see if there are new posts to check. Start engaging with your audience by answering their questions and leaving comments. In addition, interact with your audience through Instagram live and boost your followers to engage with you. 

#4: Team Up With Influencers

In any social media platform, working with influencers is the best way to increase your content reach and drive Instagram account growth. Leveraging the power of influencer marketing is a great way to make your content get in front of a target audience. According to the research, 41% of Instagram users say they found at least one new product from influencers every week. 

You don’t need to have a huge budget to partner with big influencers. Instead, you can collaborate with micro-influencers who have fewer engaged audiences. Team up with influencers in your industry to boost your brand reach and sales conversions. 

#5: Share Your Content On Other Platforms

Your target audience on Instagram likely spends time on other social media platforms. Attract many audiences by promoting your Instagram account on other social channels. Cross-sharing your Instagram content will increase your brand reach among a wider audience and improve your followers count. 

Reposting Instagram content on other social networks helps you become popular among the platforms and automatically increases your Instagram growth. Always share your content on other platforms to strengthen your Instagram account presence. 

Final Thoughts

While increasing your growth on Instagram seems to be a huge one, it is possible if you follow the right strategy to get organic reach and followers to your account. I hope this guide will help you to increase engagement, improve brand visibility and drive organic growth to your Instagram profile. 

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