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How to Generate More Leads with Marketing Automation

Developing a customer base for B2B companies is a joint effort between marketing and sales departments. However, it is not unheard of for the two to come into conflict in the workplace. Misalignment is a common cause of this. Marketing teams are tasked with generating leads and handing them off to sales teams. Who keep tabs on the progress of these leads throughout their lifecycle and take steps to turn them into paying customers. If the lead is not of high quality or is taken too late, significant business opportunities could be lost. Even though it’s easy to assign blame, finding a solution is more important. This is where marketing automation comes into play!

Lead generation software, another name for marketing automation, can be an important tool for aligning the interests of sales and marketing departments. Once a lead is ready, it can be passed on to the sales team with the help of this solution. The information gathered by the marketing automation software. It can then be used by the sales team to gain insights into a contact. 

In this blog, I’ll go into great detail about how marketing automation can be used to generate leads effectively.

How Lead Generation Processes Are Tied Together by Marketing Automation

One of the advantages of marketing automation is that it streamlines your lead generation processes. The marketing automation software you’ll find on the market today is an amalgamation of various tools. That allows you to manage all the lead generation processes. 

For instance, consider the people that come to your website to create a targeted audience. Some of them will show that they want to move the topic ahead in the right direction. By the way, they respond to your various email marketing. You’ll be able to see that these leads are ready to be nurtured. These leads can be sent on to your sales staff if they continue to demonstrate an interest in your goods. 

To put it another way: You can see how the process is multi-staged in that you need various tools for each level. You can get all of these tools on a single platform thanks to marketing automation.

 The Use of Automation to Boost Productivity

 When we talk about marketing automation, the word ‘automation’ comes up a lot. The basics of lead generation, such as email marketing remain the same. But today’s marketers want better scalability.

Personalization and hyper-personalization are hot topics in today’s digital world, and we’re following them closely. The user’s intentions cannot be taken for granted. As long as you don’t approach a potential customer in the appropriate way or with the correct goods or service, someone else will.

To stay one step ahead of the competition, it’s critical to use automated workflows. For example, this arrangement will help you identify and prioritize. Which leads are worth your time, and you’ll know exactly how each of your leads progresses through the sales funnel.

Marketing automation performs the most critical function in nurturing leads throughout the whole lead creation process. When your visitors become leads, automatic procedures begin to take impact. Maintaining their interest is the next step, as is providing relevant information to them. About your specialty and eventually involving them in discussions about your items. All of this may be accomplished by providing relevant material to prospects based on their lifecycle stage.

To understand lead generation automation, we need to look at the many components that make it work. 

Elements of Lead Generation for Marketing Automation 

A/B testing

Starting with your landing pages and conversion forms, you may begin to generate leads. Those that enter their contact information into your website. To become customers (a subtle hint about how important landing pages and conversion forms are for your business).

 Visitor information will likely be entered into your CRM database if you have done a good job designing your form. Based on the information you requested in the form, you now have a better understanding of your new lead. Because this information enables you to conduct more campaigns and customize the material. You must thus ensure that the necessary information is requested on the forms. Also ensuring that the form’s users are not overburdened by the sheer volume of data required.

The use of Marketing Automation email responses and predetermined email chains

A visitor who completes a form to get a guide from your website should be kept engaged through further discussions. Autoresponders and triggered email nurturing sequences can be used to do this. You might send them a thank-you note when they fill out a form, along with a pdf copy of the guide or ebook. Marketing automation software can help you do this.

When it comes to delivering tailored information, triggered email sequences are a crucial part of the overall strategy. These tools are critical to the automated lead-generating process.

Stages of a funnel

Automated lead management relies on the stages of the sales funnel. Leads may be deliberately moved down the funnel until they are ready for a demo call with the aid of marketing automation solutions.

The steps of the sales funnel are:

  • Subscriber
  • Lead
  •  A well-qualified marketing lead (MQL)
  • Lead that has the potential to become a customer (SQL)


The stages of the funnel also tell you what sort of content a certain lead could be interested in, which is useful information to have. As an example, think of an MQL—the content you should target these leads with should include both industry-related and service-related information.

As opposed to this, SQL is more experienced and has a deeper understanding of the industry. You must now inform them of your offerings and persuade them to go with you rather than any of your competitors.

To be as accurate as possible with all of your prospects, you need to know their funnel stages, which is precisely what marketing automation does for you.

Final Words

To get the most out of lead generation marketing automation, you must approach it intelligently. As a marketer, your primary goal should be to keep up with every step of the process. You might be doing more harm than good to your business if you don’t educate yourself. Marketing automation may help you produce leads that are exactly suitable for your organization provided you use it intelligently.

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