Hey there, stray people. Considering you’re reading this right now, chances are you’re interested enough to find out who actually wrote for this blog. Perhaps for a discussion, although gathering intelligent to see who you should curse at or start a fight with is also an acceptable reason. Or maybe you actually strayed and got here by accident. Anyway.

The human being who runs this blog is an emotionally invested enthusiast of pop culture. Or, in layman terms, a proud fangirl. Of movies, comic books, K-Pop, fiction and non-fiction literature, TV series, music, manga, sometimes even anime and drama. It’s a wonder I still have a life, honestly.

Yes, I do have a life. With a day-job as a junior copywriter to boot. Because being a fangirl with ever-growing pop culture shrink requires a certain level of financial stability. And because an INTJ is both the most starry-eyed idealist and bitterest cynics, so a stable job in the creative industry is the perfect compromise. Plus, it gives me enough time to write for this blog.

Basically, this blog is my middle finger to the stereotype that “fans are brainless passive consumer”. My rationality and sanity is still intact, fuck thank you very much. Having an emotional investment and probably unhealthy adoration doesn’t mean I can’t see the flaws in my favs and criticizes their problematic traits. So here’s my bundle of writings about some of the pop culture products I’m interested (and often time invested) in. Because pop culture, despite any sneer and backlash aimed at it, is an integral part of our everyday life. It certainly has been in mine since I was just a small kid, when my family instilled my reading habit and planted the first seed to my eventual destruction downfall to the rabbit hole. It all started with books and manga, continued by music and eventually movies, until the time I got side-tracked by K-Pop, before I returned back to movies and TV series, until I found myself neck deep in the comic books world. Simply put, pop culture shaped my life. It even earned me my Bachelor’s Degree.

I suppose, that’s the perks of enrolling in Communication Science and majoring in Media Analysis. Why would you say no to the chance to write in-depth analysis about things that you love? Especially because pop culture is such an intriguing object. Despite its origin as a means of escapism, it grows into an instrument to communicate messages and ideas through mass media. In personal scale, these messages and ideas are the reason why pop culture products resonated with us, often to a life-altering point. And that’s why I write about them.

Here, I mostly write about movies, though there’s occasional venture to TV series. Arguably because they’re the easiest to write about, but also because of motion picture’s unique quality. It had far more layers to pick apart, and it had to work overtime to fend off against distractions. It also didn’t rely on my imagination as heavily as other pop culture products does, but when it actually got me, it transported me to a whole other dimension. So I write about movies, though that doesn’t mean I won’t write about other pop culture facets. I’ve been meaning to write about comic books and literature for a while now, and it’s about high time I write about K-Pop again. But whether or not it’ll actually see the light is anyone’s bet. For the time being, it seems like I’ll stick to writing about movies.

Writing, for me, is how I convey my train of thoughts and share my life experiences. Which means I will mostly write about how a movie affects me, what I derived from it and how I perceived it. This includes unsubtle amount of feels, venting out, rants, and spazzing about eye-candies. Occasionally, my knowledge from college days would kick in and I’ll talk about how it relate to certain communication (or fandom) theory and/or certain social issues. But mostly, it will just be about the emotions and ideas a movie invoke, and how it relate to my personal life experience. If you could relate to it, then I’ve succeeded. If you caught the feels, then that’s even better. But if you disagree, then I would appreciate your comments, corrections, critics, and a chance to engage on a discussion.

As a contributor for IDFC (Indonesian Film Critics), my movie rating scale is available in their website. But you can also find them in my Letterboxd account. The reasoning for my scale – or more appropriately, what each score means – are explained here. For further debate and doses of daily rants, though, you can find me on Twitter. Where I mostly spazz about everything, especially K-Pop boys. And on the off-chance you’re interested in my other writings, they’re available here. Trigger warning though, they’re filled to the brim with feels.


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