1. Hai Tommy, salam kenal juga! Tentu saja boleh! I really like your Distopiana’s Choice’s articles and your movie recommendation are on my (ever-growing) watch list :))
      It’s a real pleasure to have my blog on your list of acquaintances (and to read your description about this site ;)!

    1. Hai, Putu! Thank you very much, it’s always nice to hear that someone enjoyed what I wrote, hahaha.
      Tentu saja boleh, it’ll be my pleasure to post your link and hopefully drive more people to your amazing website! Look-nya oke, dan saya juga suka membaca tulisanmu. Terutama yang Death Note. I didn’t watch it, but reading your review made me glad I never got around to :)) Plus it made the prospect of Netflix’s Death Note seems even… bleaker. Hahaha.
      Anyway, nice to know you and hope we can get better acquainted in the future!

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