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Yes, I know it’s “Sunshine Awards” and I should be posting a photo of sunshine but DANE DEHAAN IS MY SUNSHINE OKAY so bear with me.


You know, reading Sinekdoks’ Sunshine Blogger Awards post got me feeling a little bit guilty, especially when he talks about how blogger should get themselves motivated to write consistently. I mean, just look at this blog and my sporadic posts. I clearly am an unmotivated couch potato.

But hey, someone – in this case, Paskalis Damar – actually pay attention to this blog and think this silly little indulgence of mine is worth mentioning. So thank you for that. Seriously, you got me writing in this blog again and reminded me to be (at least a little) more motivated.

So I’ll keep the torch on… sort of. I’ll do my best, okay. Please do not hold this against me.


Basically, these are the necessary steps to partake in the awards and pass it on:

  • Post the award in your blog
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer their 11 questions
  • Choose another 11 bloggers (and let them know about this nomination)
  • Give them 11 questions


So here’s my answer to Paskalis’ very interesting questions! (Please do not forget to check his blog out. It’s awesome)


01. When was the last time you guys reading something for real?

I read all four issues of Jonathan Hickman’s Pax Romana two nights ago. It’s not for the faint hearted or light spirited. Seriously, it dwells on religion and morality and altering the past to give a certain religion a better future. And while the ending is a bit of a letdown after all the build up, it still was an experience.

Also, I finally finished Neil Gaiman’s The View from the Cheap Seats last week. It was seriously captivating, imaginative with lots of food for thoughts, and it adds to my ever-growing reading list and watch list. A must read for everyone. It’s Gaiman’s, after all.


02. Which one is getting overrated: novel adaptation or comic book adaptation?

It probably depends on what definition of “overrated” we’re going with. If we’re sticking to the “to rate or appraise too highly”, then I’d say neither. Like, I know that at this point novel adaptation could be considered an actual genre and comic book adaptation is shaping up to be another one, but I don’t think it makes them overrated. Both – and especially comic book adaptation – is admittedly “overhyped”, but not “overrated”. If anything, I dare say comic book adaptation are underrated.

Oh sure, most of this year’s comic book movies are not only overhyped, but also fail to deliver any substantial story and commercial success. But other movies and TV series in this genre keep reinventing themselves and pushes the boundaries. From blockbusters like Civil War with underlying political tones, to TV series like Preacher that talks about faith and god, there are bone-chillingly good comic book adaptations. Just like comic books itself is a land filled with unorthodox imaginations, comic book adaptations is a genre that leave so much more space to explore. You just need to look beyond the colorful capes and go outside your comfort zones.

And choose the right materials, of course.


03. IF you should adapt a novel or a comic book to be a movie, which title would you pick? 

Sandman, obviously. Because that comic book is rich in mythologies and cultural references, it talks about various aspect of lives, it is so very accepting of non-conforming people waay before it was cool, it’s filled with struggles and heartbreaks and hopes and loves, it’s both ethereal and grounded, and it’s my favorite comic book of all time.

So it should really get out of development hell because it deserves one picture perfect adaptation.


04. And who would you set to direct and star?

Guillermo del Toro, hands down. Look at Pan’s Labyrinth and Crimson Peak, it’s apparent that del Toro is a master at crafting ethereal and dreamlike visual. Who else could deliver the story of the Lord of Dreams but him? I’d die in peace if he direct a Sandman adaptation.

Especially if Cillian Murphy star as Morpheus. He had that ageless and enigmatic quality to portray the Lord of Dreams, and his emotional range fits Dream’s ever changing mood. It’s either him or Dane DeHaan, really. Or, to make it a total perfection, Cillian Murphy as Morpheus and Dane DeHaan as Daniel. Now that is a movie to die for.

(Desire is Tilda Swinton, though. There literally is no one else to be Desire but her.)


05. When was the last time you cried while watching movie?

One Way Trip. I came to the cinema to have a good time and the movie attacked me with onslaught of feels until me and Sasya was reduced into bawling mess of tears.

(It’s seriously good and devastating though please go watch it.)


06. When was the last time you got a real guilty pleasure?

May, I suppose. Because nothing says “guilty pleasure” likes getting back together with your ex even though things are going down in flames. But it was worth it, and I guess that makes it a real guilty pleasure.


07. What concert did you last see?



08. What’s your feel-good song?

Here’s my top three, because they deserves more recognition and because they should help cheer people up:

  1. Gray and Loco – Good (feat. Elo). It’s basically a post-break up song dedicated to that ex who you used to be so hung up on but had moved on from. Really, everything’s good even if I’m alone at night.
  2. Simple Plan – I Don’t Wanna Be Sad. An anthem for everyone who’s struggling with feeling low, because not being sad is a continuous struggle that requires a heckload effort.
  3. Fall Out Boy – Favorite Record. Okay, this sappy song is feels-inducing at times, but it’s a nice remembrance of the good old times you used to have with a certain someone who eventually upped and left.


09. What song reminds you to your last heartbreak?

HAHAHAHAHSADASFSAFAS I honestly could create a playlist for this alone, but here goes my top five (BECAUSE THREE IS NOT ENOUGH):

  1. Coldplay – Yellow. It’s a weirdly apt description of my last relationship and heartbreak.
  2. Fall Out Boy – Fourth of July. No song could describe a heartbreak with someone who would always be your favorite “what if” and best “I’ll never know” better than this one.
  3. John Mayer – Split-Screen Sadness. Because even when you have love, universe and circumstances would still intervene and makes you bid goodbye to your loved one.
  4. #Gun – Crazy Guy (feat. Jessi). Spiteful and emotional with chillingly strong lyrics, a reminder of the worst thing that could’ve happen in a relationship.
  5. Jay Park – You Know (feat. Okasian). It’s a blatantly honest song about the urge to fall into a relapse. With a catchy beat. What more do you need?

Honorable mention: Leessang – The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, The Boy Who Can’t Leave. The title says it all, really.


10. Tough one, Marvel Cinematic Universe or Star Wars?

Given that I have no emotional investment in Star Wars and is just ambivalent towards The Force Awakens, I’d go with Marvel Cinematic Universe anytime of the day. I mean, Civil War was so good and Doctor Strange looks intriguing. And please, please, please give us Nextwave.


11. Help me settling this Oscar dispute, Boyhood or Birdman?

Mad Max: Fury Road. Because I haven’t got around to watch Birdman and Boyhood didn’t really left a mark on me. Plus, Furiosa.



Now comes the hard part: nominating people. And yes, it’s not going to be 11 because… reasons? Think of it as me purposely leaving the space out for anyone who is interested in continuing the chain, I guess?

  1. Je Suis Mager
  2. Subheroism
  3. Patrca
  4. CineTariz
  5. Movfreak
  6. Raditherapy
  7. [insert poetic title here]
  8. Crazy Girl at Cinema


…. Scratch that, the hardest part is making questions. For better or worse, here’s mine:

  1. Pitch a crossover movie using existing characters from a medium of your choosing (movies, comic books, or novels).
  2. Name one unpopular opinion about Star Wars.
  3. It’s 2 am, you can’t sleep and you’re home alone. What movie would you watch?
  4. Some people have a song they’d rather not listen again because it hurts too much. What’s yours?
  5. Change the ending of a movie, and make a character ends up with someone else.
  6. What concert you would kill to watch?
  7. BBC series time, Doctor Who or Sherlock?
  8. What’s your all time favorite music video?
  9. If you could direct a movie, who would you choose to pen the script: Neil Gaiman or Alan Moore?
  10. Pick an existing movie, and re-cast the main characters… with Indonesian actors and actresses.
  11. What song you would play at your own funeral?


Yep, that’s all I guess. You can pass the torch and create a post to nominate other bloggers, or just answer the questions in the comment section below. It’ll be a pleasure to read your answers!

(Really, though. Because I’m curious as fuck and even though curiosity kills the cat, satisfaction brought it back. So pretty please with a cherry on top?)


    1. You’re very welcome!

      I’m really sorry for the late reply, I’m a bad blogger, I swear, because I keep running off elsewhere ???

      And yes! I’m a K-Poper too! Well, more of a casual listener now compared to the good old days of being heavily invested in K-Pop… (also because it’s kind of unsettling to see all those idols getting younger while I’m getting older ashdhsjs)

      Are you a K-Poper too?? Because if you do, then we should really trade groups and biases! :3

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