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First of all, I will admit that I did not watched The First Avenger. Nor did I have any intention to, unless I suddenly develop an urge to get myself some Carter Baizen Sebastian Stan or Richard Armitage. Plus, out of all the Avengers, the Captain just did not catch my eyes. He never did. Ah well, the goodie two shoes tend to have that effect on me.



Currently settling down in the modern world, Steve Rogers found out that life is somehow easier back then, when he can just follow order and know exactly which side everyone’s on. It reached the boiling point when Fury got attacked in broad daylight (and main road) and ended up dead after he managed to give Steve a suspicious flashdisk. When he decided to withhold information about Fury’s death from Alexander Pierce, S.H.I.E.L.D’s current leader, he was branded a fugitive.


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I did not have high hopes for this movie, despite the current hype. But I have to admit that I was still disappointed, nonetheless. It wasn’t half as fun as a Marvel movie should be, the plot was nothing unusual, and most of all, it wasn’t engaging. Granted, the fact that I did not watch the First Avenger and my lack of interest for the Captain might have play a role, but it’s still tiring to watch a 136 minutes movie without feeling any form of attachment for the main character.

However, I do appreciate the fact that Winter Soldier give us a better look at Steve Rogers, the (mostly) normal human behind all those heroic Captain America campaign. It’s quite heartwarming to see Steve trying to cope with all the differences, especially on the drastic change when it comes to people. He was used to the stark contrast between good and bad, but now it’s all in gray area. The unorthodox pairing of Steve and Natasha was also amusing. In one side, you have this serious “yes sir” kind of guy, while on the other side you have this opportunistic woman who lie as a way of life. It’s a fun combination.

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Sam Wilson’s addition though, somehow does not sit well with me. He reminds me too much of Iron Man’s war machine and the pattern is just… The way I see it, Steve is the second Avengers to earn himself a black sidekick. Whose main function is to make some snarky comments that would guarantee laughter. Or maybe I’m reading too much into this. Blame all those rhetoric, semiotics, and interpretive stuffs I got in college. Moving on. Also, Winter Soldier (whom, I must say, is my one and only eye candy in this movie) turned out to be Bucky was not at all that surprising. I mean,  despite not watching The First Avenger and only knowing Bucky from the short excerpt during Steve’s visit to the Smithsonian, I could still guessed that it would be him.

And I suppose that’s another one of my problem with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This movie feels like Nick Fury’s heartbeat after he got shot by Winter Soldier: a flat line. No actual ups, downs, any element of surprise, and the lack of humor. Most of my laughter stems from Natasha or Sam’s snarky comments, and that’s kind of a given because their character. As for the actor and actresses, yes they were great. But none really caught my eye. Yes, it is a game changer for Avenger Universe, in a way, and Winter Soldier does lay down the foundation for Age of Ultron, but that’s it. If anything, it feels more like a filler than a stand alone. Most memorable fun? Kickass middle aged lady.

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Director: Anthony Russo & Joe Russo. Writer: Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely. Released on: 2nd April 2014. Casts: Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Mackie, Robert Redford.


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