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Happy (belated) 50th anniversary Doctor Who! Emang sih review-slash-appreciation-post ini terhitung telat beberapa hari, but last week has been filled with too many movies to review jadi saya baru sempet bikin tulisan ini sekarang. Especially because I feel obliged to watch the whole thing one more time just to get all the feels and references right. So, here goes!


Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smih) has just met up with Clara (Jenna Coleman) when the Tardis suddenly got picked up and they were flown to the Trafalgar Square. Turns out, UNIT’s commander Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) memanggil Eleventh untuk menyampaikan misi dari Elizabeth I (Joanna Page). Her credential is a Time Lord 3D painting of the fall of Arcadia.

The painting brought back the Doctor’s memories about the Time War. At that time, the War Doctor (John Hurt) baru saja mencuri The Moment, a mass destruction weapon with consciousness. And the consciousness took form of the Bad Wolf Rose (Billie Piper). To help the War Doctor made his decision about the genocide he’s about to make, the Moment open a fissure in time and space so he can meet his future self(s).

Meanwhile, the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) is happily canoodling with Elizabeth I…


Steven Moffat will soon be the bane of my existence. I swear he will. Dua kali saya nonton The Day of The Doctor, dua kali pula saya nangis dan jejeritan kayak orang gila sepanjang nonton. Untung aja pas streaming live kemaren rumah lagi kosong dan pas saya nonton ulang di kosan penghuni kamar sebelah gak dateng gedor-gedor pintu karena merasa terganggu. Karena demi penguasa bumi dan surga deh, The Day of The Doctor itu kurang ajar banget. It is beautiful and brilliant and feels inducing and just….perfect. Well, nearly so.

The Day of The Doctor membawa kita melihat sisi lain dari the Doctor, sisi gelap yang selama ini selalu ia sembunyikan dan berusaha sebisa mungkin untuk ia lupakan. Melalui episode spesial ini, Moffat membawa kita melihat hari yang paling kelam dan paling menentukan sepanjang 1.200 tahun sejarah hidup the Doctor. Hari yang terus membayangi Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh during this past seven seasons, the cause of that darkness underneath their cheerful and careless exterior. It’s the last day of the Time War, when the war between the Time Lords and the Daleks has caused all realities to burn and the universe is in the brink of it’s existence. And it was mindblowing.


I’m not sure how am I supposed to explain how beautifully crafted the story is without spoiling anything. I mean, I know most of you would have already seen the episode and the spoilers are literally all around the net by now, but I still don’t think that it is appropriate. Suffice to say that Moffat was telling the truth when he said that The Day of The Doctor will change Doctor Who’s narrative. It really did. Because not only this episode brought us closer to understand who the Doctor is, it also gives the story-arc a new direction. What a fitting way to celebrate the 50th anniversary. Belum lagi ada berbagai referensi baik ke episode-episode versi re-boot ataupun Classic Who and it’s just so fucking amazing. Although admittedly, the face-off against Zygon ended a bit weird dan kurang klimaks. But still, Nick Hurran berhasil memberikan 77 menit yang tak terlupakan, terutama bagi para Whovian.

Hal lain yang membuat The Day of The Doctor jadi sebagus itu adalah para pemeran utamanya. Matt Smith, David Tennant, dan John Hurt menampilkan tiga Doctor yang berbeda, unik dengan caranya masing-masing, namun sebenarnya adalah satu orang yang sama. Same person, different faces. Melihat mereka bertiga berbagi layar dan bekerja sama untuk menyelesaikan masalah itu… heartwarming banget. They reminded us once again as to why we miss having Tennant on the show, and how much we will Smith after he regenerates into Peter Capaldi this Christmas, and even though it’s just a short performance, but John Hurt has earned his place in all Whovian’s heart as the War Doctor. Belum lagi ada Jenna Coleman yang semakin lama semakin nyatu dengan karakter Clara, dan juga menjadi semakin penting. Dan Billie Piper, oh Billie Piper. Sosok yang berpesan besar dalam kebangkitan kembali Doctor Who di tahun 2005 ini muncul tidak untuk me-reprise perannya sebagai Rose, and she succeeded at that. This is not the Rose Tyler that we know, this is The Moment’s consciousness in Rose’s Bad Wolf form. Jemma Redgrave juga terlihat sangat commanding dan in control sebagai commander UNIT, and I am more than please to see Moffat put a very capable woman in that important position. Ingrid Oliver juga scene stealer dan menggemaskan banget sebagai Osgood. Tapi saya gak suka sama Joanna Page dan portrayal dia atas Elizabeth I. Terlalu…girly dan clingy dan chemistry antara dia sama Tenth itu maksa banget. No wonder Tenth did not come back for her.


The Day of the Doctor is an epic tribute, a marvelous homage to commemorate and celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the longest running tv-show of all time. It’s a nice blend of old and new, a good reminiscence of it’s half-decade history while at the same time, setting the stage for more years to come. The Day of the Doctor is not perfect, but it’s still brilliant and thoroughly enjoyable. I’ve watched it twice by now, and really, I won’t mind watching it over and over again.

Sidenote: this special episode is also a perfect chance for everyone to gush over both David Tennant and Matt Smith at the same time because they’re just so adorable and lovely. And John Hurt’s War Doctor is also very much quirky and endearing. And the whole fluff and excitement of watching the three Doctors interact with each other is just so amusing I can’t even begin to describe how thrilled I am!

PPS: Do not forget to check The Five(ish) Doctor Reboot too because it is just so amusing and the Classic Doctors are simply adorable. Have a heart, people, the Classic Doctors want a part!


Director: Nick Hurran. Writer: Steven Moffat. Released on: 23 November 2013. Casts: Matt Smith, David Tennant, John Hurt, Jenna Coleman, Billie Piper.


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