Review – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)

Going back to a finished franchise-slash-cinematic universe always is a risky business. On the one hand, you have an already established universe you could expand on with a huge chance of financial success. On the other hand, you risk ruining said world and by extension, people's positive perception about it. There's also the risk of angering-fans, but I'd rather not delve on that. So the question is, does WB and J.K. Rowling's decision to start a

Review – Doctor Strange (2016)

Being emotionally invested on a particular universe or fandom is a double edged swords. Sure it gives me more knowledge and frame of reference, but it's kind of hard not to be biased. So much so I've literally given up on writing a proper review about Captain America: Civil War. Though, admittedly, circumstances also played a part on my lack of writing during those months. Anyway. the next MCU movie on the roster is up to

Review – Victoria (2015)

One of the charm in going to film festival is coming across movies I've never heard of and/or would normally paid no mind to. There is a certain pleasure in going blind, and that's what happened with Victoria. I watched it simply because my festival partner said we should, and was pleasantly surprised by it.   Three months after she moved to Berlin, Victoria (Laia Costa) still got no friends. Until she met Sonne (Frederick Lau), Boxer

Review – Luke Cage (2016)

The thing with TV Series is, unlike movies, it requires commitment. You have to patiently wait every week for the newest episode or allocate dozens of hours to binge-watch the whole season. Which provide a procrastinator like me the perfect excuse not to watch them. But Luke Cage is the newest addition to Marvel's ever expanding Cinematic Universe on Netflix, a collaboration that hasn't disappoint so far. Well, emphasize on so far. After the event in

Review – Munafik (2016)

When it comes to South East Asian movies, admittedly only Thailand's comes to mind. Because they are already well known for their rom-com and horror. As for Malaysian movies, well I've only watched Talentime and that's because it's mandatory from one of my college class. What I saw was intriguing, but not enough to made me watch other Malaysian movies. Until I accidentally watched the exorcism scene of Munafik on YouTube with my workmates. Adam (Syamsul Yusof)

Review – The Magnificent Seven (2016)

So maybe it has been too long since I last watch a movie simply for the eye candies, and that was my main reason to watch The Magnificent Seven. Which means I went in looking for entertainment and couldn't give no shit about it being a remake of a remake, or comparing it to the original movies. All I know is I want to be entertained, and that's what I got.   When Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard) took over Rose